Pania della Croce: how to get from Piglionico, path

Tale of a hike to the Pania della Croce, how to reach it with the path that starts from Piglionico passing Rossi refuge to the summit.

Trail Pania della Croce

Pania of the Cross, is considered the queen of the Apuan Alps as with its 1859 meters is the highest of the group. We started from Lucca and in about three quarters of an hour drive we arrived at the resort mountain Piglionico, passing first through Gallicano and then to Molazzana.

Park the car at about 1152 meters above sea level, we take the path that leads cai No. 7 in about 1 hour and 30 minutes to the refuge Rossi (1622 m).

The trail is fairly steep, requires proper shoes because the soil is particularly rocky and bumpy. You cross a beech wood for a time of about 60 minutes, after which you come out in the open seeing to our left the pania dry and before us the so-called dead man, a ridge named for the characteristic shape reminiscent of the facial face of a man with a lot of eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth and chin.

After 30 minutes we reach the Rifugio Rossi, small but very functional shelter to 1622 meters above sea level. From there we continue to the summit of Pania where there is a large cross at an altitude of 1852 m indicating the highest point. The scenery is gorgeous, with the view sweeps over the surrounding mountains and on the opposite side to the one from which we climbed you see the sea, a real show!