Paris: tale journey to discover the French capital

Tale trip to Paris by a tourist, with a list of routes and places visited by foot between avenues, squares and monuments of the French capital.

Walking tour to visit Paris

It was not the first time I went to Paris, but in my opinion is a very nice and cozy where you always go willingly. I’ll tell you that I made the rounds in the metropolis of Paris, which is a classic method followed by many other tourists. The Bois de Boulogne is one of the largest parks in the city where I found it pleasant to walk among its lakes and the racecourse, I also was able to visit the famous museum of art and popular traditions of Paris and France in general.

I cycled the Boulevards, the great avenues that cross Paris and I have come to the Champ de Mars, in French Champ de Mars, which is a huge garden that has as its background the facade of the Ecole Militaire and the Eiffel Tower, 304 meters high and symbol of Paris, built by Gustave Eiffel to celebrate the progress of technique. I was also fascinated by the Avenue of the Elysian Fields, Champs Elysees, full of elegant shops and where you can see, the two ends, the triumphal arch and the great arch built in the district of Defense.

Under the arch of triumph burns continuously a torch on the grave in memory of the Unknown Soldier. In Piazza della Concordia there is a giant Egyptian obelisk decorated with hieroglyphics that hail the reign of Pharaoh Ramses III. Despite not having children with me I wanted to make a trip even to Disneyland Paris, a park and fun place for families who became famous around the world, where there are many local attractions in theme with the characters from disney including restaurants, shops, bars, cinemas, street performers and live concerts.
But the real heart of Paris that I enjoyed the most was the Ile de la Cité, located in the middle of the Seine river that runs through Paris. In this island I liked Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, the Holy chapel with beautiful stained glass windows, the Palace of Justice and the Conciergerie.

I also visited the Montmartre district, located in the north of Paris, with the narrow streets where there are many outdoor painters and artists especially where the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, open continuously 24 hours a day with the permanent exposition of the Blessed Sacrament .

One night I walked around even Moulen Rouge, another typical Parisian place located in the red light district, to see a show of dances offered by the hotel where I was staying. More interesting were the visits to the Centre Pompidou, where I admired the collections in the museum of modern art and of course the Louvre museum, where I spent almost all of the last available day of my vacation in Paris.

At the Louvre I saw the works of Sandro Botticelli, François Boucher, Agnolo Bronzino, Annibale Carracci, Caravaggio, Correggio, Paul Cézanne, Jacques-Louis David, Edgar Degas, Eugene Delacroix, Leonardo, Marco Palmezzano, Raphael, Rembrandt, Peter Paul Rubens, Jan Vermeer and many others for a full of art unique.