Peschici Hotels: what to see, around the country in the Gargano

What to see in Peschici on the Gargano, visit the outskirts of this town of Puglia, located on a cliff overlooking the sea and famous for trebuchets.

Holidays in Peschici

Town and popular tourist resort located in the province of Foggia, Peschici is part of the Gargano National Park, located atop a cliff overlooking the sea overlooking a beautiful bay washed by a sea that has often been awarded the Blue Flag award for water quality. The coast of Peschici is characterized by the rugged coastline, coves, sandy beaches and quiet coves, behind and sometimes from the beach, the beautiful Mediterranean vegetation and the vast pine forest.

The village of Peschici with typical white houses overlooking narrow streets crossed by arches, stairways and small squares, climbs from the harbor up to the Castle, a fortress built in X-XI century to defend against pirates. The castle was renovated under the Spaniards in the sixteenth century with the building of a fence, fence baronial said, to protect the previous structure, as a defense system against the Turks; then in the eighteenth century were made new changes that riguardarono environments representation and the upper floors.

The history of Fish has always been tied to the sea, from which came many times incursions and attacks. Since Roman times, were built on the coast of the towers, but it was mainly from the middle of the sixteenth century, which was designed a defensive system that included the construction of several towers in strategic points of the coast. The distance of the towers varied according to the morphology of the coast and each of them had to be clearly visible from the previous and the next, so as to form a cord without interruption.

The sighting of suspicious vessels occurred by day through smoke signals, at night with the lighting of torches or by ringing bells or horns. In the last century, these towers were used for spotting smugglers, then fell into disrepair. Among the surviving towers, Peschici, is located in a very suggestive Tower Montepucci.

What to visit in and around Peschici

In addition to the towers, are part of the wonderful landscape Gargano, trebuchets, typical structures built for fishing, formed by a platform that juts out into the sea, made with wooden stakes driven into the rock, ropes and pulleys that support a large network called “trick”. The trebuchets are positioned where the sea has a depth of at least 6 meters, have been built close to rocky points, usually oriented towards south east or northwest, so you can take advantage of the sea currents.

It ‘a fishing system that allows to fish without advancing into the sea. Today these structures have lost their original function, are no longer a source of livelihood for entire families, but they have become a tourist attraction, cultural symbols to be protected. Near Peschici is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Loreto, built between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

The feature of this building is its size that is comparable to that of a large boat. Tradition has it that the fishermen had gone out to sea to fish when a bad storm surprised them and their boat was dragged by the current. Invoked and prayed to the Virgin Mary and a glow lit up the mountains and the coast showing the way of salvation. In that place in thanks, the fishermen come to land, built a chapel of the same size of their boat, dedicating it to Our Lady of Loreto.