Plitvice lakes national park trip Plitvice, Croatia

plitvice lakes croatia
plitvice lakes croatia

Travel guide to the Plitvice lakes in Croatia, a natural park very interesting to visit, located between the cities of Zadar and Zagreb, in the mountain range of Licka Plješivica.

Travel guide Plitvice Lakes

The national park was established in 1949 and since 1979 and is part of the World Heritage Site. Although the area of ​​the park is located in an area characterized by a soil by typical karst forms, presents an exceptional phenomenon in this region formed by the abundance of water on the surface, resulting in the formation of lakes. The park includes 16 lakes connected by foaming waterfalls.

These waterways have spendide of color tones and are surrounded by beautiful greenery, home to many species of animals. The landscape is typical of karst areas, the surface has numerous cavities and the water is lost through the many cracks in the ground. The main sources from which the lakes draw Water, are the sources of the Black River and the White River.

What to see at the Plitvice Lakes

– Superior Lakes, surrounded by woods and connected by spectacular waterfalls, are Kozjak, the largest lake, Proscansko Jezero, Ciginovac, Okrugljak, Batinovac, Veliko Jezero, Malo Jezero, Vir, Galovac, Milino jezero, Gradinsko Jezero, Buk.

– Lower Lakes, surrounded by smaller and lower vegetation, are Milanovac, Gavanovac, Kaluderovac and Novakovica Brod.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

The water of the stream Plitvice, along its path jumps about 78 meters high and forms a beautiful waterfall, this jet of water, along with that of the lake produces a complex of waterfalls, from which originates the river Korana. And ‘possible to visit the park along paths and walkways, are also available electric boats, boats and a small train. To enter the park there are two inputs that offer different routes. Inside there are rest stations with refreshment and surrounding areas you can find various kinds of accommodation. The best time to visit the lakes is from May to June, when the lakes are full of water and nature awakens. The park is open in winter, but with the short distance traveled.