Poppi: what to see in the Tuscan village in the province of Arezzo

poppi what to see
poppi what to see

Itinerary to visit Poppi, the beautiful medieval village of Casentino, one of the main valleys in the province of Arezzo in Tuscany, from the ancient Abbey at the Castle.

Visit Poppi and the Castle

This ancient town is located on a hill on top of which stands the Castle of the Counts Guidi, in the old town stretches Via Cavour, the main street lined with arcades and beautiful buildings, along which we reach the Abbey of San Fedele, XI century in Romanesque style, built by Conti Guidi to the Benedictine monks who later adopted the rule Vallombrosan.

Piazza Amerighi overlooking the Oratory of Our Lady of the disease, which was built in the seventeenth century octagonal characteristic portico, one of the few examples of baroque Tuscan, was made built by the inhabitants of Poppi in thanks to the Virgin for the narrow escape from the plague.

Inside you will find a table with Madonna and Child with St. John the Baptist attributed to the school of Fra ‘Filipino.

The Castle of Poppi was made in the thirteenth century restored by Count Simone da Battifolle architect Lapo di Cambio, the fortress dating back probably to the Lombard period was transformed into one of the most beautiful castles in Tuscany.

It dates back to a speech in 1470 the realization of the magnificent stone staircase that leads from the upper floors of the castle up to the loggia.

The castle houses inside the Library Rilliana, whose most important part is represented by a collection of manuscripts, documents printed with movable type technology and other publications of exceptional value, donated in 1825 by Count Fabrizio Orsini Rilli, the community of Poppi .