Portoroz: beach holiday, what to do in the spa

secovlje salina portoroz
secovlje salina portoroz

What to see in Portoroz, holidays and what to do in this spa town in Slovenia situated in a bay on the Adriatic coast in the municipality of Piran.

Holidays in Portoroz

A few kilometers from the Croatian border and 40 km from Trieste is Portoroz, Slovenia resort situated in a bay on the Adriatic coast in the municipality of Piran. The city, known seaside resort and spa, has a long history, since the thirteenth century, the Benedictine monks of the Monastery of San Lorenzo took care of rheumatic diseases and skin, obesity, and swelling, with sea water, mud and water of the nearby mother Strunjan salt pans and Sicciole, recently became a protected natural park. The spa tradition of Portoroz continued even during the Hapsburg domination, as was one of the places frequented by monarchs of the Hapsburg Empire.

What to do in Portoroz

The natural environment offers the opportunity to go on excursions, such as to Secovlje Salina and the area of Strunjan, a park that is home to many species of birds and plants, crossed by relaxing hiking and biking trails. Also in the museum of Saline is an exhibition that presents the processing techniques and extraction of salt.

Inland stretch rolling hills with small villages surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation. Portoroz with its promenade and its beautiful beach offers comfortable hotels and restaurants, shops, sports centers and spas, the Casino, a well equipped marina for boats of small and medium size.