Prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes before the cave

cave of massabielle lourdes
cave of massabielle lourdes

Millions of faithful who come every year on pilgrimage to Lourdes, they live a very intimate and silent prayer in front of the cave of the Marian apparitions.

Cave of Lourdes apparitions

On the square in front of the Cave of Massabielle processions take place, are followed daily Masses in all languages, are recited community prayers for the sick, and periodically the ceremony of blessing of children.

On paved two tiles mark the exact spot where Bernadette was the day of the apparition, the pilgrims gather in front of the Statue of Our Lady, situated at the point where they carried out the apparitions, in a niche carved on the right side of the cave .

At the foot of the statue stands a burning bush composed of candles, from 1858, following the example of Bernadette, the faithful come to the cave with a candle, thus manifesting their being faithful to Christ in the Gospel that says “I am the light the world. ”

Inside, on the right of the cave lado, a rose garden planted in the rock recalls the sign required by the parish priest of Lourdes, Don Peyramale, which required that Our Lady would flourish rose garden of the cave.

To the left of the altar is the source discovered by Bernadette February 25, 1858, visible under a glass plate, whose waters have been captured and channeled to feed fountains and pools, known for the many phenomena of miraculous healings that Science has not been able to explain.