Provence: what to see, attractions region of France

What to see in Provence, attractions and places to visit in this region of France, very interesting from the point of view of culture and landscape.

Provence Attractions

Provence is a region of southeastern France, corresponding to an ancient province that stretched from the east bank of the Rhone to Le Trayas. It ‘a particularly interesting both for the beautiful landscapes, both for its rich history and culture, and for this a destination among the most coveted of travel in France.

A land of sweet colors and enveloping which are linked famous artists such as Van Gogh, Cézanne and famous writers like Frédéric Mistral, Marcel Pagnol, Alphonse Daudet, Jean Giono, its illustrious sons.

Fascinating vestiges of the past are in the city of Arles, located at the beginning of the delta of the Rhone river, near another beautiful region, the Camargue.

Places to visit in Provence

– Arles boasts many important Roman monuments, among them the Amphitheater, called les Arenes, the Theater, the Forum, the Circus, the Baths, which bear witness to the ancient civilization.

– Aix-en-Provence, a city of art and very elegant, with a rich architectural and cultural heritage, the birthplace of Paul Cézanne.

– Avignon, surrounded by defensive walls, is famous in history for being the home of the Papacy (1309-1377), it is a testimony to the grand Palace of the Popes.

– Orange, is located about 20 km. North of Avignon, the grandeur of the Roman ruins, survived the use of historic buildings as a building material for the construction of the city’s defenses, the munificence of the city in the past.