Puerto Rico holiday guide and useful for the journey

Tourist guide, useful information for travel and holidays in the island of the Greater Antilles from the land full of natural beauty in the Caribbean.

Travel Puerto Rico

The island of Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico) is located in the eastern part of the Greater Antilles and is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the south, the Canal de la Mona separates it from the island of Hispaniola. Its capital San Juan, an area of ​​9,104 square kilometers, a population of 3,981,585 whose inhabitants are mostly Catholic and Protestant minimally or other religions. The official name of Puerto Rico is Estado Libre de Puerto Rico asociado, a state freely associated with the United States of America.

Territory Puerto Rico

The territory of Puerto Rico is formed after the island main and several smaller islands, including Mona, Vieques, Culebra, Desecheo and others. The largest island is crossed from east to west by the Cordillera Central, where the Cerro de Punta, which with its 1338 meters of altitude above sea level is the highest peak of the island.

In this area, the mountain range has some very steep flanks characterized by ravines and caves, while in the east the peaks are more rounded and wider valleys. In the same area also extends the Caribbean National Forest, a vast rain forest dominated by Mount El Yunque, from which it takes its name. Less than one third of the surface of the island is formed by plains which extend for the most part along the coast that is very varied.

Hydrography Puerto Rico

The main rivers flowing from the Central Cordillera to the Atlantic and among them the most important are the Bayamón, the Rio de la Plata, the Rio Grande de Manati, Rio Grande de Arecibo and Tanama. The major rivers that flow into the Caribbean Sea are the Coamo and Salinas while the Straits of Mona rivers flow into the Rio Grande de Añasco and Guanajibo.

Climate Puerto Rico

The climate of Puerto Rico is tropical hot and humid. Rainfall concern throughout the year, but are more consistent from May to October, particularly in August and especially in the mountainous interior. The southern region’s climate is warmer and drier than the northern region.

Population Puerto Rico

The dominant ethnic group of the Puerto Rican population is made up of white, European descendants mainly by the Spanish and mostly mestizos with a fair percentage of physical features of the Taino Amerindians. Follows the ethnic Africans, descendants of slaves brought by the Spanish, and Asians from China and Japan. Recently arrived on the island Cubans, Dominicans, Venezuelans and Colombians.

Language spoken in Puerto Rico

The official languages ​​of Puerto Rico are Spanish and English.

Economy Puerto Rico

The economy of Puerto Rico, that despite the high unemployment rate showed dynamism over time, compared to other countries of the Caribbean and Latin America boasts the most technologically advanced infrastructure. Agriculture once the base of the economy of the country is losing importance and why are planned restructuring plans in this area.
The main crops are with regard to export products, sugar cane, coffee and tropical fruit, while for domestic consumption are grown, corn, cassava, potatoes, rice and tomatoes. In the manufacturing sector dominates the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Important to the tourism sector, vital for the country’s economy.

When to go to Puerto Rico

The best time to visit Puerto Rico is from December to April. Hurricane season runs from May to November.

Visas for Puerto Rico

The entry regulations in Puerto Rico are the same that govern access to the United States.

Puerto Rico Telephone

The international code for calls to Puerto Rico is 001 787

Electricity Puerto rico

The electric current in Puerto Rico is 120 V 60 Hz with sockets A and B that require the power adapter.

Currency Puerto Rico

The currency uffiale of Puerto Rico is the US dollar. For cash withdrawals are very useful ATMs that have spread throughout the island. The credit cards especially Visa and Master Card are welcome in the main hotels, restaurants and shops.

Vaccinations puerto rico

While not mandatory vaccinations required to visit Puerto Rico are those recommended for typhoid, tetanus, Hepatitis A and B. It is also good to drink only bottled water and drinks without adding ice, eat only cooked and peeled fruit personally. Before departure should take out health insurance to cover medical expenses and a possible repatriation.