Puglia holidays guide the tourist areas of Puglia to see

Travel Guide for travel and holidays in Puglia, geography and territorial subdivision with most interesting itineraries to go to discover this region.

Puglia in brief

Puglia is a region of southern Italy, on the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea, bordering Molise, Basilicata and Campania. Its provinces are Bari, Brindisi, Foggia, Lecce and Taranto. Offers very interesting itineraries, natural and artistic beauty that testify the ancient origins that are reflected in all its cultural manifestations.

The territory of Puglia, formed mostly of plains and plateaus karst, which rarely take on aspects ranges, can be divided into four geographical regions: the Gargano, Tavoliere, Murge and shelves of Terra di Bari, Salento or Salento Peninsula. The coastline of the peninsula of Gargano is mostly rocky, with inlets and small beaches covered with sand.

Heading south the coast is lowered and becomes sandy. The beaches of Salento near the border with Basilicata are characterized by white sand and surrounded by pine trees at the north side of the Gulf of Taranto. The climate of Apulia is generally Mediterranean with precipitation mainly fall and winter but never abundant.

Tourist areas of Puglia

– The Gargano promontory, known as the “spur of the Italian Peninsula,” is a limestone mountain, whose inner area of high plateau, rich in karst rises about 600-1000 meters above sea level, before descending steeply into the Adriatic Sea or the Tableland. The coast is high and rocky, dotted with small coves to the east, while to the north-west has the two coastal lakes of Varano and Lesina.

– The Tavoliere is the largest plain of mainland Italy, owes its name to the Tabulae censuariae the book in which were recorded the many assets owned by the IRS in these lands, which were once reserved mainly to pasture, and who are now in Most cultivated.

– The Murgia is a wide area of central Puglia corresponding to a karst plateau whose altitude is 400-650 meters above sea level The ravines, erosions karst with deep walls and steep, canyon type, are one of their characteristics.

– The Land of Bari, which is another historical and geographical region of Apulia situated between the Murgia and the Adriatic Sea, is presented as a progression of steps.

– The Salento Peninsula is located on the south-eastern region, in the “heel of the Italian peninsula.” Its territory has an altitude ranging from 50 to 200 meters and has much in common with that of the Murgia, undulating surfaces and lack of water courses. The coasts of Salento are varied and in some places very picturesque.

– Off the coast of the Gargano promontory lies the archipelago of Tremiti and other smaller groups of islands.