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aneto peak pyrenees spain
aneto peak pyrenees spain

General information on the Pyrenees, which are the profiles and trekking in the mountain range geographically located on the border between France and Spain.

Origin of name Pyrenees

It is said that the name derives Pyrenees origins from the greek word peiro that translated in Italian means spearing referring to the jagged peaks of the chain that pierce the sky. Other opinions they want arising from the nymph Pyrene that, having been kidnapped by Heracles, gave birth to a snake, and for this very scared ran like hell just Pyrenees mountains where he died torn by wild beasts of the place.

Geography Pyrenees

The Pyrenees are on the border between France and Spain, and are geographically divided into several areas including the central Pyrenees that extend eastward from Port de Canfranc up to the Val d’Aran, incluse the three peaks of more mountain range in the crest of Aneto Maladeta with its 3404 meters high, Mount Posets high 3375 me Monte Perdido, which reaches 3,355 meters of altitude above sea level.

Less high are the Atlantic Pyrenees who see their heights decrease gradually proceeding from east to west. With an average height fairly constant the eastern Pyrenees extend to the abrupt cliff that can be seen in the area known as the Albères.

The major peaks of the Pyrenees

We just said that the Aneto Peak is the highest mountain in the Pyrenees, located entirely in Spanish territory in Aragon. On the north side of the summit of the peak of Aneto is a large glacier, the largest in the Pyrenees.

For mountaineering enthusiasts with some experience we can say that the ascent to the summit of the Aneto peak is not very difficult. Among the other mountains in the chain over 3000 meters above sea level you can remember the Pic Maudit, Cylinder Marboré, Pic de la Maladeta, Vignemale or Pique Longue, Clot de la hount, Soum de Ramond, Pic du Marboré, Pic de Cerbillona , Pic de Perdiguère, Pic de Montferrat, Pic Long, Schrader or Grand Batchimale Pic, Pic de Campbieil, Pic de la cascade eastern Pic Badet, Balaitous, Pic du Taillon, Pica d’Estats, Punta del Sabre, Pic de la Munia , Pointe de Literole, Pic des Blancs Gourgs, Pic de Royo, Pic des Crabioules, Pic de Maupas, Lézat Pic, Pic de la cascade occidental, Pic de Néouvielle, Pic de Troumouse, Pics d’Enfer, Pic de Montcalm, Grand pic d ‘Astazou, epaule du Marboré, Pic du port de On, Pic des Spijeoles, Pic de Quayrat, Pic des Trois Conseillers, Turon de Néouvielle, Pic de Batoua, Petit Vignemale, Pic de Besiberri Sud, Pic Ramougn, Tour du Marboré, Casque du Marboré and Grande Fache.

Treks in the Pyrenees

They are running some shelters equipped for hiking the pyrenees, which are intended to facilitate the hikers in the ascent to the many peaks and also mentioned other, following several routes, among which it is worth mentioning the excellent catering service offered Baysselance refuge, the refuge of Rencluse, Tuquerouye Refuge, Refuge of Vénasque and Refuge of Sarradets.