Reunion Hotels: what to see in the island of the Mascarene

moufia mosque san-denis reunion island
moufia mosque san-denis reunion island

Trip to Reunion, where it is, origin, meaning and history, holidays to explore the island in the Mascarene.

Guide Reunion

La Reunion, or island of Reunion, is located in the Indian Ocean about 600 km from Madagascar and it is part of the Mascarene, about 200 km from Mauritius. The third largest island in Africa, a region that is both an overseas department of France. To the north is the capital Saint Denis. As for the geological, Reunion is a volcanic island wildlife, with landscape largely mountainous and the Piton de la Fournaise volcano, 2,631 m. above sea level, still active.

The highest mountain is the Piton des Neiges, with over 3000 meters above sea level. The island territory has three circular depressions by volcanic Cirque de Salazie, the Cirque de Cilaos and the Cirque de Mafate. About the history, the island of Reunion was discovered at the beginning of the sixteenth century by Portuguese navigators, who called Santa Apolonia. With the occupation of France in 1642 was renamed in Ile Bourbon, while, after the French Revolution, in 1793 it was renamed again in Reunion.

What to see in Reunion

It is a mountainous island of volcanic origin by unique landscapes and spectacular. The highest mountain is the ancient volcano Piton de Niège (3,069 meters above sea level), so named because in winter its top shows, occasionally, snow. The other top of the island is the volcano Piton de la Fournaise (2,900 above sea level), a still active volcano characterized by non-violent eruptions with lava flows very fluid directed toward the uninhabited island.

Rich vegetation covers the mountains, majestic waterfalls are thrown foaming valleys, surpassing dizzying height differences. The deep sea and full of life surrounding the island, in some areas of the coast the reef contains fascinating seabed. On this island they met people of different races, the French joined the Africans, Chinese, Malays and Indians. The fusion of all these ethnic groups has created the Creole people, who today lives in this wonderful island.