Rhode Island: what to see in the small state of the US

What to see in Rhode Island, attractions and places to visit in the smallest state in the United States, located along the Atlantic coast with the capital Providence.

Rhode Island Attractions

Rhode Island, although the minor as a surface, is one of the states belonging to the US which has one of the most ‘high population density. Neighboring states are Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island Sound. To the south this state is wet from the Atlantic Ocean.

And ‘including the flat part situated around the Narragansett Bay and many islands. The part of the territory which extends along the Atlantic coast is mostly flat, with a tendency to become hilly moving inward.

Numerous rivers run through with their course this state of which the longest is the Blackstone. The first Europeans to land in this state was Giovanni da Verrazzano, well known navigator, who called Luisa, in honor of Louise of Savoy, that part of the territory where it had landed that corresponds today to Rhode Island.

As for the climate, contrary to what you might think, Rhode Island has a continental climate, despite the geographical location that makes it wet from the ocean. It rains abundantly throughout the year.

Places to visit in Rhode Island

The industrial sector is based primarily on manufacturing, while agriculture is not well developed, due to the small spatial extent.

In matters of religion Rhode Island is an exception compared to other states in the United States because it has a clear majority of people practicing the Catholic religion, as many of them originating in Italy, Ireland and the French part of Canada.

The capital and largest city of this state is Providence, which owes its name to Roger Williams who wanted so call to honor the merciful Providence of God, when you haven ‘here after being rejected by the Puritans of Massachusetts.

This city is known for the manufacture of silver and represents the economic, cultural and political center of Rhode Island.