Rhodes Garganico: what to see in the village of Apulia, beaches

What to see in Rhodes Town, attractions and places to visit in the famous village of Gargano.

Travel Guide Rhodes Garganico

Rhodes Garganico is an ancient town and a seaside resort and tourist appreciated the province of Foggia in Puglia. It is part of the Gargano National Park and is located in the tract of land known for citrus production, which has characterized this landscape since the year one thousand and represented a flourishing trade in the past centuries, thanks to the fine quality of these products.

They remember boats full of lemons and oranges that sailed to these shores for the many markets abroad. Today Rhodes Garganico while maintaining the traditional citrus-oriented enhancement of local agricultural products, developed especially its tourism.

What to see in Rhodes Garganico

The town of Rhodes Garganico is perched on a rocky promontory between two long sandy beaches, surrounded by pine forests, olive, orange and plants typical of the Mediterranean. In the old village, on steep, narrow alleys from the race track complex, overlooked by the typical white houses of the Gargano.

Walking down the narrow streets towards the sea, you reach the Vuccolo, a small neighborhood where a splendid balcony women faced to call (vuccolare dialect) husbands intent to fix the nets. In the old town of Rhodes are the Church of the Holy Cross, the Church of St. Nicholas of Myra, the Church of St. Peter and Paul and the Sanctuary of the Madonna Libera, where is venerated the picture of the Madonna depicting the Virgin Mary sitting on a throne with the womb, the baby Jesus.

Tradition has it that the board has come from Byzantium transported by a Venetian ship, which arrived at Rhodes stopped inexplicably. The captain landed on the ground and saw standing on a stone the sacred picture of the Virgin Mary, thinking of stealing him back on board, but the ship was unable to resume the journey, despite the currents were favorable for that reason the captain dropped ground again and noticed that the picture was in the same place the previous day.

At that point it was clear the desire of the Virgin Mary to stay in the Gargano and it was for this reason that the captain gave the painting to the population of Rhodes. At 700 meters from the center is the Church of Santa Barbara and about two kilometers, on a hill which offers a beautiful view, the Church of the Holy Spirit-the Capuchin Monastery.