Rockies: visit the chain, national park

Information for visiting the Rockies, geographic location, territorial extension, flora and fauna in this national park.

Journey Rockies

The Rocky Mountains are located in North America and are among the most popular mountain ranges. They develop from Alaska to the north until you get around the border between the United States and Mexico. From here it is the same chain continues to Chile taking the name of Sierra Madre.

This long chain of mountains that runs the American continent from Alaska to Chile is the American Cordillera.
The highest peaks of the Rocky Mountains are Mount McKinley, Mount Logan, Mount St. Elias and Mount Foraker all well above 5000 meters above sea level.

Flora and fauna of the Rockies

As for the vegetation in the Rocky Mountains must be said that it varies mainly depending on the altitude so we will have areas with coniferous forests, areas occupied by extensive grasslands and desert areas with arid climate where typically only grow cacti and shrubs .

As for wildlife are especially wolves, moose, bison, deer, beavers, bears, rattlesnakes.