Rothenburg: what to see, travel and places to visit

burggarten chapel rothenburg
burggarten chapel rothenburg

What to see in Rothenburg, places to visit in this medieval town in Germany, while traveling along the famous Romantic Road.

Travel Rothenburg Germany

Beautiful town of Bavaria region of Germany, Rothenburg is situated on a hill overlooking the river Tauber, along the Romantic Road, in Italian romantic road. The city’s history begins in the tenth century with the construction of a fortress on top of the hill and, in 1070 or so, a Castle of the Counts of Comburg-Rothenburg.

In 1116 it became extinct lineage of Comburg-Rothenburg and a part of the hill became the property of Conrad III of Swabia, which you built the castle around which the town was built, which in 1274 became the imperial city, growing significantly in the fourteenth century . In the sixteenth century Rothenburg participated in the war of the peasants and the Schmalkaldic League, and until the Thirty Years War, during which it suffered various damages, the city prospered. In 1803 Rothenburg lost its autonomy and passed to Bavaria.

Places to visit in Rothenburg

The city has retained its medieval appearance, the historic core that is situated atop a hill is recited by walls covered on foot along the walkway. A set of towers and doors surrounds the picturesque center, where everything is as it was in the times of greatest splendor of Rothenburg, particularly in winter, with snow, the whole becomes a fairytale, especially in the period preceding the holiday Christmas, when you place the famous Christmas Market, which attracts tourists from all over, who will find also a typical store that specializes in Christmas decorations, the “Christmas Village” by Käthe Wohlfahrt, which stays open all year.

In Burggarten, the garden located on the rocky outcrop overlooking the river Tauber, a chapel, the only remains of the imperial fortress of the thirteenth century, where the spectacular view of the river. Within the city are to see the Little Square, a picturesque streets meeting between half-timbered houses and a fountain, the central square, Marktplatz, which stands on its most beautiful building which is the Rathaus, the church of San Giacomo, a powerful built in the Gothic style.