Royal Palace Prague: the court of the ancient kings of Bohemia

royal palace prague
royal palace prague

Origins, construction and expansion of the royal palace in Prague, interior decorations, chapels and halls of the building where today sworn in President of the Czech Republic.

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Built in the eleventh century on the site where in the ninth century there was a princely court, the palace, originally built in the Romanesque style, it was later transformed and expanded. Until Habsburg period the palace was the seat of the kings of Bohemia.

Among the many interior stands out the Vladislav Hall, designed by B. Rieth from Piesting and performed at the turn of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

To admire the valuable Gothic vaults with groins. The annexed Chapel of All Saints is a fourteenth-century construction of P. Parler that, in the second half of the sixteenth century, after a fire, was modified and expanded.

The altar is adorned with a painting depicting Saints. Right side altar is a Descent of the late Renaissance.

The Hall of the Diet, built in the sixteenth century, was rebuilt after it was destroyed by fire in the second half of the same century.

Today is sworn in, in this room, the president of the republic and, periodically, will take place the meeting of the Czech National Council.