Safari Africa: types adventure travel, hiking clothing

safari africa
safari africa

Safari guide, adventure travel, nature hike through parks and reserves to meet and see the great wildlife.

Safari Guide Africa

An alternative trip is the safari, a nature hike through parks and reserves to meet some special places such as East Africa and Southern Africa comprising the territories of Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia.

The types of safari dedicated to hunting and photography

Safari day
Normally a safari takes place during the day, using buses to four-wheel drive off-road or normally closed, mainly in times corresponding dawn or late afternoon before sunset to have the opportunity to observe and photograph the animals predators that it is easier meet in this span of time of the day.

Many parks are equipped to descend safely from vehicles with a packed lunch. You can observe Lions, tigers and other dangerous animals in closed vehicles used for transport.

Night Safari
The night safari, often banned, is done by those who prefer to watch the nocturnal animals present in parks including mongoose, genet, serval.

Walking safaris
The walking safari is like a trekking excursion accompanied by expert guides it is allowed only in some areas less at risk with regard to the encounter with wild animals. Among the walking safari should be noted a typical safari of Uganda that allows you to observe very closely rare species of gorilla.

Safari Boat
A boat safari rather become possible to observe the fauna present in rivers and lakes, especially hippos, crocodiles and many birds.

Clothing for safari

A safari clothing is similar at clothing to hike, preferring vegetation colors to better blend in with it. Hats fitted with visor and goggles can adequately protect from the sun.