Saint Tropez: what to do, holidays and beaches on the French Riviera

What to see and do in Saint Tropez famous places in France located on the French Riviera with its beautiful coastline and picturesque neighborhoods.

Holidays Saint Tropez

In the fifteenth century, when the village became a fief of Raphael from Garessio, was almost deserted because of the plague, then you were made ​​to establish several Genoese families, which was given the privilege of the exemption of the payment of taxes, a measure that gave prosperity to fishing village, turning it between 1470 and 1672, in a kind of consular independent republic.

Attracted by the beauty of the place, artists and intellectuals have always frequented this charming town, especially in the fifties and sixties, when it became a popular meeting place of celebrities from the entertainment world, among them the actress Brigitte Bardot, tied for various reasons in Saint-Tropez.

What to do in Saint Tropez

The picturesque harbor district is reflected in the beautiful bay frequented by luxury yachts and elegant sailing ships. Small city beaches, plus the best known and most beautiful of Pampelonne, about 5 Km. From the city.

– Church of Our Lady of the Assumption: completed in 1784, was built on the ruins of an ancient basilica dating from around 1056. The architecture is Baroque, its bell tower painted ocher and sienna, characterizes the building, located in the picturesque district of La Ponche and facing the sea on two sides.

– Museum of the Annonciade: based in the Chapel of Our Lady of the Annunciation, built around 1510 by the Brotherhood of the White Penitents and then converted into a museum to house the exhibition includes works by many artists who have stayed in Saint-Tropez, including Derain, Bonnard and Rouault, invited by the painter Paul Signac who, in 1892, was so fascinated by this charming town, decided to move his residence here,
creating beautiful landscape views on it.

– Citadelle: on the hill built to defend the city, this fortress, built in the late sixteenth century and early seventeenth century, houses the Naval Museum of Saint-Tropez, dedicated to the maritime history of the city, and the landing of the Allies in ‘August 1944.