San Benedetto in Piscinula: visit the church in Trastevere

San Benedetto in Piscinula is an old and small church of Rome at the end of Via Piscinula in Trastevere area in square Piscinula.

Guide visit San Benedetto in Piscinula

This building was built on the remains of the Sacred houses belonging to the family of Anici relatives of St. Benedict of Norcia who hosted during the period of his studies in Rome at the end of the fifth century AD.

You can visit the small space where the saint lived before choosing the life of a hermit, praying to the image of the Madonna located to the left of the Church.
This place of worship has undergone a recent renovation that has affected the inside with cleaning up of old fouling and subsequent reporting to the ancient splendor of the medieval walls also including some fine frescoes.

The interior of the church has three naves with columns of gray granite and chives. To the right of the high altar you can admire a fresco fragment and the tomb of Abbot Giacomo de Pretis, over the altar a painting of St. Benedict, left some traces of frescoes by Antonio Piervenanzi.

In the small chapel is a beautiful fresco depicting the Madonna.