San Paolo (Brazil): what to do and see, places to visit

What to see in Sao Paulo, monuments to visit, where he is, and how to get the climate in the city of paulitanos.

Travel Guide San Paolo

St. Paul is located in the south-east of Brazil, at the Tropic of Capricorn. Geographically San Paolo is located on a plateau in their Chain Sierra do Mar, which in Italian means chain of the sea, and therefore the average altitude of the city above sea level is about 800 meters.

Is about 70 km from the Atlantic Ocean entirely feasible using the Rodovia Anchieta and the Rodovia dos Imigrantes, the two highways downhill towards the sea arrive in Santos, a city with a port, and the famous beach of Guarujá.

We define paulitanos the inhabitants of the city, while they are Paulistas all citizens residing in the homonymous state of Sao Paulo. St. Paul has a mild climate with temperatures hardly above 30 degrees in summer and below 0 degrees in winter, with abundant rainy phenomena.

What to do in Sao Paulo

In Sao Paulo there are many theaters and performance venues of all types, several museums and art galleries. For this reason, this Brazilian city is considered the pearl of the national culture, the place from which they took away many artistic movements during 1900.

In the center Expandido this abundance of culture is the ultimate expression. In Sao Paulo is definitely worth experiencing, during a holiday, at least once the nightlife, going to dance in the numerous and crowded rooms from midnight onwards until dawn.

The dance music ranging more are typical Brazilian performed by the best artists or select from the DJ on duty for an evening of fun and entertainment.

What to see in Sao Paulo

Local markets: it’s fun paggeggiare in colorful city markets, particularly in the Municipal Market, housed in a neo-Gothic style dating from the early 1900s, where there are stalls selling food, fruits and vegetables. In the courtyard of the palace of the MASP, along Avenida Paulista, is held every Sunday an antiques market where participating serious sellers with excellent merchandise.

Monument to Latin America is the first work of modern art Brazilian, admission is free every day except Monday. The project of Oscar Niemeyer and includes two exhibition halls, the Art Gallery, with exhibitions of fine art, and the Hall of Creativity, which is exhibited the best folk art in Latin America.
Museum of Art contains within it a rich collection of Western art, including works by Picasso and religious items Italian in 1300.

Image and Sound Museum offers a great exhibition of photographs and Brazilian music.

Museum of Brazilian Art is interesting to see works by Brazilian artists in addition to occasional exhibitions internationally.

Ibirapuera Park is a place to find peace of mind, open all day from 6 to 20, attended by the people looking for peace but also much by tourists who want to relax a bit ‘. The entrance to this large green area is free, you can walk, not sit on the benches in the Japanese garden, ride a bike, read a good book or magazine available to the free library in the Bosque de Leitura. Sunday held an outdoor concert, the Museum of Modern Art and ‘Auditorium hosts occasional events throughout the year.