San Teodoro: what to do and see, holidays in Gallura Sardinia

Holidays in San Teodoro in Sardinia, what to do and see in this popular destination in the Gallura in Sardinia, Olbia-Tempio province.

Apartment San Teodoro

San Teodoro is a place of Sardinia located in the province of Olbia-Tempio, including in the geographical area of ​​Gallura, located just inland on the slopes of Mount Nieddu. The name of this popular tourist town comes from the church of San Teodoro Amasea.

There are many deals on apartments for rent in San Teodoro and this is not surprising given that the main source of income of the city is represented by the summer tourism linked to the sea, followed by agriculture, cattle breeding and food industry.

What to see in San Teodoro

In San Teodoro there are several beaches, some of which are very close to the center of the country and for this raggiungibilii easily walk. It is characterized by white sand beaches very end, in many cases surrounded by green areas of natural interest.

The main beaches are those of the Cinta, Cala d’Ambra and Isuledda. Moving a little, you can easily find quiet coves or beaches, sheltered from the wind, reached by boat or hiking trails, some isolated spot where you spend some time lontanti from the world and surrounded by nature.

The seabed is low and the absence of currents makes these beaches ideal for families with children in tow. Along the coast of San Teodoro are several places ideal for windsurfing, thanks to an optimal exposure to the winds most suitable for this type of water sport.