Sanaa what to see: visit the ancient capital of Yemen

sanaa yemen
sanaa yemen

What to see in Sanaa, the ancient capital of Yemen, places to visit in the city protected by the architectural heritage well preserved.

Attractions Sanaa

Near the western slope of Mount Nigam, in a valley about 2,200 meters above sea level, lies Sanaa, whose name means city protected, a reality that has over 2,000 years of history, with an ancient part that UNESCO declared World Heritage Site, recognized internationally as one of the largest and oldest cities in the Arab world, with a vitality handed down still well preserved.

The ancient architectural heritage well preserved, is the flagship of Sanaa, consisting of 14,000 buildings in various architectural styles rooms, many of which date back to 1000 AD, grouped into a single site, remained untouched by other buildings.

Places to visit in Sanaa

In the old part of the city there are more than 50 mosques, most with minarets, among these the best known is that of Al Jama Al Kabir who is considered one of the oldest mosques of Islam.

In Sanaa are many hammam and various souks, equipped with various kinds of products, homes built with stones, clay bricks and clay, decorated with alabaster windows decorated with elegant friezes and white chalk, which give the city a legendary reputation .

Some houses reach an average of 5 floors, masterpieces of engineering construction, each floor has a living function, the ground floor was reserved in the past to the animals, the first floor is used today as the living room, the second floor is reserved for women and children, while the upper floors are used by men.

Each building is topped by a rectangular living room from which, through large windows, you can enjoy a spectacular view over the city.