Santa Catalina: journey to the island of California, what to see

Holidays in Santa Catalina to discover the unspoilt nature and rough cliffs and coves, horseback riding, walking or cycling, beaches and crystal clear sea great for diving.

Guide Santa Catalina Island

Santa Catalina Island belongs to the archipelago of the Channel Islands and is located a few kilometers from the coast of California to the south than in Los Angeles. With an area of ​​just under 200 square kilometers, the area of ​​this island is largely mountainous and the coasts are jagged.

Well known from the tourist point of view there is also practiced sport fishing. On the south coast to the east is that Avalon is the only town on the island with over three thousand inhabitants.

Between the islands of the Channel Islands, Santa Catalina is the only one where there are hotels and is also the first port of call for those coming from Long Beach which is located south of Los Angeles, is just over twenty miles from this island.

The wild nature makes it very special with its coves characterized by cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the rich fauna composed of many wild boars, deer, foxes and buffalo. The island can be visited on horseback, sailing, practicing hiking and mountain biking to admire all the ravines and valleys from which it is easy to spot various species of birds including peregrine falcons, cormorants and blue herons.

It ‘an island where tourists do not get bored thanks to the many natural attractions and beaches with crystal clear waters ideal for sunbathing including Descanso Beach and engage in fabulous dives.

Very nice to do even a boat trip to Emerald Bay, a beautiful bay where to make the long and pleasant swims. Wandering among the various bays and coves of the island is not difficult to find seals and dolphins.