Sant’Antioco Hotels: what to visit in the island of Sardinia

What to see in S. Antioco, holiday island of Sardinia by the wonderful scenery and surrounded by clear blue sea.

Where is Sant’Antioco

Sant’Antioco is a town of about twelve thousand inhabitants located on the island in the province of Iglesias in Sardinia at a distance of about 84 km from Cagliari. Sant’Antioco island is connected to the island to which it belongs by an artificial isthmus and its territory is divided between the town of Sant ‘Antioco, which is the most inhabited, and Calasetta which is the second town relief on this island.

Around the island there are two small uninhabited islands of Vacca and Toro. Sant’Antioco’s economy is diverse and includes in addition to activities related to port those related to salt production, shipyards, fishing, textile crafts, raising sheep, focused mainly on agriculture and vineyards summer tourism.
It may be noted also still the tradition of shipwrights and boat building handcrafted in small family-run companies.

What to visit in Sant’Antioco

The landscape of the island is of great importance and offers many coves on the east side with cliffs overlooking the sea from which you can admire breathtaking views. The local cuisine is mostly based on plates of fish and shellfish.

Among the interesting places to see there is the Archaeological Museum Ferruccio Barreca, the strong Savoy Forte Su Pisu, the Ethnographic Museum, the Basilica of Sant ‘Antioco, the Punic tombs adapted to homes, the Necropolis, settlements nuragici and the Tophet.