Santo Domingo Hotels: what to see, places to visit

What to see in Santo Domingo, holidays, attractions and places to visit in the capital of the Dominican Republic, overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Holidays Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo, located at the mouth of the Rio Ozama, was originally called La Nueva Isabela, Santo Domingo del Puerto de la Isla de la Espanola and was founded in 1498 by Bartholomew Columbus’s brother Christopher.

The urban structure of the oldest city founded by Europeans in the New World, served as a model for the new colonial towns.

In fact were born here the first colonial cultural and social institutions were built colonial buildings oldest in America, such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria first Christian cathedral, the first Dominican Convent College, l ‘Hospital San Nicolas de Bari, First Hospital, and others historic buildings that have enabled this city to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and be condecorata by the UN with the title of “Cuna de America” ​​(Cradle of America).

Places to visit in Santo Domingo

– Alcazar of Columbus, the residence of Diego Columbus’s son Christopher, which houses a museum with objects that belonged to the ancient tenants of the house.

– La Casa del Cordon, home of the rope, Diego Columbus lived here and is the first house built on two floors, perhaps the first home of the New World.

– The Museo de las Casas Reales, Museum of the Royal Residence, home of the first Supreme Court, is a museum of objects related to colonial life from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century.

– The Monastery of St. Francis, the first monastery of the New World, which belonged to the order of Franciscan friars who arrived on the island in order to evangelize the natives.

– The Ozama Fortress, the first colonial military building in the New World.

– La Calle de las Damas, Road of the Lord, where strolling Maria de Toledo, daughter of Christopher Columbus, with her ​​ladies companion.