Senegal holidays travel guide with things to know

senegal map
senegal map

Travel in Senegal, information useful to know before departure, climate, required documents, the best times to go and how to get there.

Senegal in brief

  • Capital: Dakar
  • Surface area in square kilometers: 196.192
  • Population: 12.534.228
  • Religion: 92% Muslim, 6% Christians (mostly Catholics), 2% Animists

Where is Senegal

The Republic of Senegal is a country in West Africa, bordered to the north by Mauritania, to the east by Mali, to the south by Guinea and Guinea Bissau, west is the Atlantic Ocean. Along the coast the continuity of the Senegalese territory is interrupted by the State of The Gambia, which forms an enclave within Senegal. At about 600 km. Off the coast of Senegal are the islands of Cape Verde. Senegal is made up of a wide plain that rises slightly in the south-east.


The main rivers of Senegal is the Senegal River, which marks the border with Mauritania, the Gambia and Casamance, tributaries of the Atlantic Ocean.


The climate of Senegal is tropical, warm all year with a wet season and a dry. The dry season is the period from mid-November to May. In June and July in the south in the central part of Senegal the rains come, often thundershowers, which decrease from south to north. In particular the north of the country, which is part of the Sahel, where the rainy season is shorter and sometimes almost non-existent.


The population of Senegal is composed of various ethnic groups. The main ethnic group is the Wolof, they are across the country, but mainly in the western part of the area between the river Senegal to the north, south and the River Gambia. Other major ethnic groups are the Peul and Sereer.

Time zone



French is the official language of Senegal.


Foreign investment, mainly from France have contributed to growth in the modern sectors of the economy, but failed to improve the living conditions of the population, who largely live below the poverty line.

When you go in Senegal

The best time to visit Senegal is between November and March, during the dry season.

Travel Documents

Passports valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure.
Visas may be required depending on the nationality of your passport.


Calling Code: 00221


Electricity Supply is 220V/50 Hz.


West African CFA franc is the official currency of Senegal.