Serpentara, excursions in the island of Sardinia

Information for visiting the island of Serpentara, where it is, characteristics of the territory and history, excursions and granite colors to see exceptionally beautiful.

Tourist guide Island Serpentara

The island of Serpentara is located north-east of Cape Carbonara about 2 miles from Punta Molentis, in the most protected from marine protected Capo Carbonara.

In this area of ​​the sea is prohibited access of motor boats and fishing is limited. The name derives from the particular shape of the east coast that is reminiscent of a snake.

Excursions island of Serpentara

Covered by an interesting Mediterranean vegetation and rises up to 54 meters above sea level, at the point where the watchtower St. Louis, built by the Spanish to sight the Saracen ships approaching.

With an area of ​​134 hectares Serpentara island is uninhabited and is part of the municipality of Villasimius in the province of Cagliari.

In front of the northern coast of the island, in a semicircle, are other islands of granitic, calls Variglioni.

These small island have a conical shape and dome, resembling the rolling hills partially submerged, which give rise to the marine channels and natural lakes.

Looking at the opposite side can be seen groups of granites with varied colors depending on the light that give rise to yellow, gray and rosé intensity changing.