Sesimbra Hotels: what to see, beaches, visit the castle

What to see in Sesimbra, attractions and places to visit in the small fishing village of Portugal, with beautiful beaches and clean sea.

Holidays Sesimbra

Sesimbra is a popular seaside resort in the Lisbon area, became famous thanks to the quality of the coast and the sea with its beautiful white sand beaches, as well as for the preparation of delicious dishes of swordfish and tuna in care of the local restaurants. A Sesimbra takes place daily, the public auction of the fish, a performance characteristic of the place.

During the year, especially in May, some festivals are held in honor of the Saints. Despite the modern buildings that have been built around the center, Sesimbra retains a very particular historical center, characterized by narrow streets and steep stairways that sendono towards the sea, along which it is easy to see clothes hanging out to dry and baskets full of fresh fish.

What to visit in Sesimbra

Also there are tourist attractions to see including the main ones are the castle of Sesimbra the seventeenth century, built on a promontory above the remains of an old fence walls dating from the late twelfth century, where they staged regular exhibitions and some are held musical events, and the parish church of Sesimbra, where some pictorial representations regarding the Feast of Our Lady of the popular Wounds of the seventeenth century.

The Forte de Santiago is located on the beach in Sesimbra and you can visit. The Fort St. Theodosius from Punta Cavallo served as a defense by the Pirates beating the coasts of Portugal but contrary to the first is not open to the public.