Sintra Sights: attractions in the summer residence of the kings

What to see in Sintra, tourism and places to visit in the town of Portugal, former summer residence of kings and nobles.

Attractions Sintra

On a small mass of the sierra of the same name, in the district of Lisbon, there is the beautiful town of Sintra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995 by UNESCO. The surrounding landscape helps to enhance the personality and the beauty of a city that has raised passions and has torn over a heated praise poets and writers of the caliber of Camoes and Lord Byron.

On the highest point of the Sierra are the remains of the so-called Moorish Castle, built in the eighth century, the best example of Arab military present in Portugal.

Places to visit in Sintra

Another of the joys of Sintra is the Pena Palace, considered the masterpiece of romanticism Portuguese. The Palace is located in a lovely place, was built Grasie the artistic sensibility of Fernando II, the king who in the mid-nineteenth century took the German architect Ludwig von Eschwege the construction of the building and the renovation of an ancient monastery of geronomita sixteenth century, who was in this same spot.
The complex has an amalgam of various styles including Egyptian, Oriental, Gothic, Manueline and Renaissance that, surprisingly, live in harmony without affecting the end result.

Its color accentuates the feeling of being in front of an enchanted castle. Noteworthy is the Park da Pena characterized by exotic trees, various fontate and water channels. In the heart of old Sintra is the Royal Palace, building began in the fourteenth century but expanded over the following years.

Besides an architectural structure of value, in oriental style, the Royal Palace houses the largest collection of Mudejar azulejos of the country. Very interesting also the Palace of Seteais, built in the eighteenth century and converted into a hotel in 1954, and the Palace and Park of Monserrate, another example of romantic architecture that is located in a spectacular natural environment.