Slovakia: what to see, travel between the Carpathians and the Danube

What to see in Slovakia, attractions and places to visit in this state in Eastern Europe with the capital Bratislava.

Slovakia Attractions

Slovakia or the Slovak Republic is located in eastern europe, is part of the European Union since 2004. The neighboring states are Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and Austria. Slovakia was established in 1993 along with the Czech Republic before that together formed Czechoslovakia. The territory of Slovakia is largely mountainous, occupied almost entirely in the northern part of the chain of the Carpathians. Slovakia’s major river is the Danube. The climate is of this country is continental with cold winters and temperate summers never too hot. The cities of Slovakia possess rich historical monuments, the local cuisine is excellent and are organized many cultural events.

– Banska Bystrica, to visit the ‘ancient citadel, also known as the castle complex, where there are churches, palaces and houses with stone walls. The Church of Our Lady, whose original construction in Romanesque style dates back to 1300, was amended by adding the Gothic style. Inside, see the chapel of Santa Barbara with the baptistery and the imposing altar.

Places to visit in Slovakia

– Bardejov, where you can enjoy the beautiful Church of Sant’Egidio with 11 altars decorated with paintings and reliefs carved wood, including emerges for its particular beauty l ‘altar with wings of the Nativity. The walls of this city of Bardejov are best preserved in Slovakia.

– Bratislava is famous for its castle, a building that has had a decisive role in the history of the city and from where you can enjoy a great view. Very beautiful Cathedral of St Martin in three aisles, with many masterpieces inside. The Old Town Hall is the oldest building made ​​entirely of stone. In the seat of the Primate’s Palace archbishopric, is a building of pink that stands out for its grandeur.

Besides these, between the cities of Slovakia’s major artistic deserve to be remembered as tourism destinations also Kosice, Levoca, Nitra, Presov, Trencin, Trnava and Zilina.