Sochi Hotels: what to see in the town of Russia

dacia stalin sochi
dacia stalin sochi

What to see in Sochi, attractions, holidays and places to visist in the resort famous for its winter sports and spa with interesting places to see.

Sochi Attractions

Located in the Krasnodar Territory in southern Russia on the coast of the Black Sea, Sochi is a small town with behind the chain of the Caucasus, the beautiful snow-capped peaks, a factor that has made ​​it become a renowned center for winter sports internationally , home of the Winter Olympics in 2014. The coastal development of Sochi stretches for nearly 150 km, its wide municipality comprises several districts, including Adler, Hosta, Loo and Krasnaya Polyana.

Holidays in Sochi

Blessed with a mild climate and a rich vegetation of palms and magnolias, Sochi is primarily a seaside resort and resort frequented mainly by the Russians, who founded the modern town in the nineteenth century. In particular, in the thirties and forties of the twentieth century, this city was Destination managers
Communist Party and Stalin, who, after making the bathrooms at the Spa Matsesta, rich in hydrogen sulfide, and having obtained benefits for his rheumatism, decided to build his residence for the holidays, and to transform the town into a popular spa and resort, famous throughout the Soviet Union, where workers could go to deserving a rest, accommodation at a sanatorium by neoclassical architecture.

Places to visit in Sochi

– Riviera Park, the oldest and most famous of the city, its interior is full of attractions, very nice is the Avenue of Friendship with trees planted by celebrities.

– Dentrarium, is a subtropical park which boasts many species of rare and exotic plants. E ‘can take the cable car and reach the highest part of the park where you can admire a magnificent panorama.

– Terrainkur, is about five kilometers along a path that runs almost all along the coast between palm trees, magnolias and shrubs of various kinds. It ‘a healthy path, built in Soviet times to do this, follow it is still very rewarding.

– Dacia Stalin was built in 1937 in the woods encountered going up to the peaks of the Caucasus, not far from the city center. The building structure includes several parts connected by corridors to the veranda, overlooking a central courtyard. The building, all painted green to blend in better with the surrounding landscape, has a pool that was filled with sea water. Today dacha is used as a hotel, in the open you can see the private accommodation of the Soviet dictator, perfectly preserved with its original furnishings.

Museums to visit

– History Museum of the City, which houses, in the exhibition dedicated to Space, the spacecraft Soyuz 9 returned to earth after being in orbit for 18 days in June 1970. On board were the engineer Sevastyanov, a native of Sochi, and the pilot Nikokiev.

– Art Museum, housed in a beautiful classic, surrounded by a wooded park, is home to an extensive permanent collection and temporary exhibitions.