Soluntum what to visit: history, archaeological excavations, the sea

archaeological site soluntu
archaeological site soluntu

What to see in Solunto, ancient city of Sicily, located on the slopes of Mount Catalfano on the north coast near Palermo, archaeological digs and sea views.

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The origins Soluntum go back to the Phoenicians, who founded during the First Punic penetration in Sicily. During the First Punic War, when it was allied with Carthage, he gave himself to the Romans.

Before the Romans riedificassero almost entirely, Solunto was a center of little importance.

Very interesting, from the archaeological point of view, are the remains of the city destroyed by the Saracens, where they still fine display magnificent specimens of architectural structures built in Hellenistic and Roman times.

The monumental ruins consist of the Gymnasium with atrium, peristyle and some fluted Doric columns, which have partially preserved the entablature.

Other precious remains are those of the great House of Leda, with the representation of the interior, the myth of Leda and the swan, and several houses with mosaic floors and painted walls.

Along the slopes of the hill are the remains of the theater, where they are still intact a portion of the stage and the floor of the auditorium.

Numerous archaeological finds are preserved in the Museum of Palermo and in the antiquarium local.

Grace to the elevated position, from Soluntum you can admire a breathtaking view, ranging from the massive mountainous Madonie the coast dotted with the white houses of the old fishing villages Soluntum, Porticello, Santa Flavia and Sant’Elia.