Sorrento: what to see in the famous village of Campania

What to see in Sorrento, attractions, places to go and what to do in this ancient village of Sorrento peninsula in the province of Naples.

Attractions Sorrento

Ancient village of Campania, Sorrento is located in the province of Naples, Sorrento peninsula in front of the bay after and less than less than fifty kilometers from the capital.

The old town, overlooking the sea from a height of 50 meters, is surrounded by sixteenth century walls and lush vegetation, and also highlights again the layout of the streets of Roman origin.

Among the most interesting monuments to be seen within the cathedral with its neo-Gothic facade and the church of St. Francis of Assisi, where you can admire the beautiful cloister of the 300 with a portico that recalls the Arabic style interlaced arches on the pillars orthogonal.

Places to visit in Sorrento

Worth a visit to the Correale Museum which houses some Greek and Roman artefacts and some wonderful examples of Capodimonte porcelain and a section of paintings of the XVII-XIX century.

From the park of the museum you can enjoy a splendid view over the Bay of Naples.

At Cape Point, located 3 km to the west of Sorrento, there are some Roman remains attributed to the villa of Pollio Felice dating from the first century AD.

Another important beach villa is to Agrippa Posthumus, commissioned by the nephew of Augustus.