South Carolina driving trip, what to see and beaches

Holidays in South Carolina, general information, what to see in the counties between the cultivation of cotton and tobacco, sandy beaches and mountains interior.

Travel Guide South Carolina

Consists of 46 counties, South Carolina is the capital has to Columbia and is bordered to the north by the North Carolina, southwest with Georgia and to the east by the Atlantic Ocean.

The territory is mostly made up of plains with little relief in inland areas. The main source of income is agriculture, the main cultures are made of cotton and tobacco.

The industry sees prevail the cotton industries, chemical, food and for the processing of tobacco.

The South Carolina includes historical sites to explore, including the battlefields of the war of independence from Britain and the American Civil War.
In modern cities are designed concert halls with the best technological solutions for playback of music, as the Koger Center in Columbia and the Peace Center in Greenville, the nightlife is made ​​lively by many places open.

And ‘famous for hosting major sporting events, including meetings of golf, tennis, football and baseball.

Ideal place for summer vacation, the South Carolina boasts dozens of kilometers of ocean coastline with sandy beaches, especially in Myrtle Beach, where there are also some 100 golf courses and other outdoor activities.

To see the mountains of ‘Upcountry, from landscapes with amazing color especially in autumn.