Strasbourg: visit the city of storks over the River Ill

What to see in Strasbourg, attractions and main monuments, travel route through the city, including the places of interest to visit, from the historic to the Museum of Fine Arts.

Travel Guide Strasbourg

Strasbourg, Bas-Rhin department in the city of the Alsace region, is situated in the east of France at about 4 km from the River Rhine, near the French-German border. Its name means the city streets and being on the border with Germany, in the past has always been torn between the world and the Franco German.

The city is crossed dall’Ill, a tributary of the Rhine that branches in the historic center of the city and also flows into the Petite France, a very picturesque with half-timbered houses overlooking the canals. Strasbourg is the city of the storks and the city where he composed the national anthem of the Republic of France, La Marseillaise composer Rouget De Lisle.

The city of Strasbourg was originally a Celtic village and, under the dominiazione of the Roman Empire, it became a garrison town called Argentoratum. It was conquered by the Franks in the fifth century that changed the name Strateburgum from which is derived the current one.

The industrial development of this border town began in 1950, although they existed even before the milling industry or for the working of the metal as well as wineries producing beer. The current economic activities include the food industry, mechanical and electrical, also pharmaceuticals, electronics and plastics.

In the area of ​​the industrial port of Strasbourg, one of the largest of the Rhine, are handled shipments of oil, agricultural products and building materials, another highlight is a large automobile assembly plant.

Strasbourg plays a very important role with regard to the world of business and culture. It is also the seat of the European Parliament and other bodies related to united Europe as the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights.

The city is also home to several universities including the prestigious National School of Administration for the civil service and international cooperation. The city center, with pedestrian ways, has also become a popular tourist destination. The nearest airport in Strasbourg is located about 15 Km.

What to visit in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is crossed by the river Ill surrounding the large island Big on which stands the old town and most of the most famous buildings. A boat trip on the canals can admire the various buildings of the city. The Cathedral of Notre Dame in 1870 and damaged during the Second World War, has been beautifully restored. Built of red sandstone of the Vosges, is presented as a building harmonious, although it is based in different architectural styles.

It has an asymmetrical façade with thin carved portals and a single tower 139 meters high on the top with a beautiful spire. Some of the sculptures of the cathedral, along with other vestiges of ancient churches in France, are exhibited in the Maison Oeuvre Notre-Dame, close to the cathedral.

Near the cathedral is the Palais Rohan, a beautiful building that was Episcopalian and which now houses the Museum of Decorative Arts, the Fine Arts and the Archaeological Museum. Chateau des Rohan, a former bishop’s palace, houses three museums.

The La Petite has several streets with well-preserved old wooden houses along with some very picturesque canals. The Covered Bridges, medieval fortifications upstream of the Ill, retain the massive square towers, a reminder of the ancient ramparts of the fourteenth century that were placed by them in connection with each other.