Stuttgart: what to visit, to see the main monuments

schillerplatz stuttgarter
schillerplatz stuttgarter

What to visit in Stuttgart, attractions and sights to see in the main cities of Germany, route from the castle to the interesting Gothic churches and squares of the city center.

Attractions Stuttgart

Stuttgart is a city in Germany and the capital of the State of Baden-Wurttemberg Confederate. It’s situated in a valley at 245 m above sea level and surrounded on three sides by hills while on the fourth side opens to the northeast of the Neckar valley. The economy revolves around electronic industries, chemical, paper, textile, footwear and food. E ‘with a major airport which run every day tens of thousands of travelers. Stuttgart is a university town and the tourist point of view are to visit the Castle of the thirteenth century, and several Gothic churches, as well as various civil buildings dating back to the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

What to see in Stuttgart

– Stuttgart-Mitte is the city center that revolves around the vast main square Schlobplatz, dominated by New Castle, Neue Schloss, residence chosen by the dynasty of W├╝rttemberger, in the period between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Konigstrasse is the main street of the center which starts from the train station.

– Schillerplatz is the square dedicated to the poet Friedrich Schiller, with the statue which reproduces the center. On it stands the old castle, Altes Schloss, today state museum, and the collegiate church.

– Stuttgarter Marktplatz is a square which overlooks the town hall, modern reconstruction of the old building destroyed during the Second World War.

– Schlossgarten is the park of the Castle, which starts from the train station and get down to the banks of the river Neckar.

– Bad Cannstatt is a neighborhood that is located on the east bank of the river Neckar, includes botanical gardens, castle Rosenstein and the Mercedes-Benz Museum. In the park, which is located along the river, many events are held annually, including the beer festival, which is held for a few days in the period between the end of September and beginning of October.

– Zuffenhausen is a suburb located a few kilometers from the center, the place where the famous Porsche Museum.

– TV-Tower is the television tower in Stuttgart, 217 meters high, located south of the center on top of a hill, the first building of its kind in the world, designed to accommodate the repeaters of TV. Many towers of this type located in various places have taken to this model, design and technology.

– Cannstatter Volksfest, is the beer festival which is celebrated every year in Stuttgart for a period of three weeks, usually between the last week of September and the first of October. This event is the second most notoriety among those taking place in Germany, after the Oktoberfest in Monaco of Bavaria. And ‘known for its excellent choice of cuisine to be enjoyed along with tasty beers.