Suvereto what to see, places of interest in the village in Tuscany

What to see in Suvereto, attractions and places to visit in this ancient village in Tuscany in the province of Livorno.

Attractions Suvereto

Ranked among the most beautiful villages in Italy, Suvereto is located in the Val di Cornia, beautiful area near the sea full of cork oaks, hence the name of the country, and characterized by a hilly landscape with olive groves and precious vineyards.

The charming village, surrounded by ancient walls, contains monuments of particular historical and artistic interest, starting with the Aldobrandeschi fortress, built by the Aldobrandeschi dominant towards the second half of the twelfth century.

The Town Hall, built in the thirteenth century, is surmounted by a tower, once known as the bell was used to summon the assembly of the elders of the free commune.

The Church of San Giusto Bishop, the IX-XII sec., Built on a previous early Christian structures, and the Church of St. Michael the Archangel, now the Museum of Sacred Art, represent excellent examples of buildings dedicated to religion.

Places to visit Suvereto

The Convent of San Francesco, although it has been converted into private homes, retains traces of its history and, in his cloister still intact, periodically hosts concerts and shows. This monastery was built in the twelfth century on land donated by the family of Aldobrandeschi.

Near the convent of San Francesco is the Church of SS.Crucifix, the XVIsec .. Also of note is the Church of Our Lady of Above the door, where there is a painting of the Immaculate Virgin and Child, of the sixteenth century.

Not far from the town is situated the ancient source of the Angels, restored in the sixteenth century, in the past was one of the main sources of water supply for the inhabitants of Suvereto.