Sydney Hotels: what to see, excursions and itineraries

opera house sydney
opera house sydney

Sydney tourist guide, what to see in the south-eastern city, the state capital of New South Wales, excursions and itineraries to do.

Holidays in Sydney

The city of Sydney, founded in 1788, is located south-east In Australia and the state capital of New South Wales. It is geographically located between the Pacific Ocean on the East side and the Blue Mountains to the west. Famous for the natural bay of Port Jackson, which is the largest in the world, there are dozens of beaches where surfing in all seasons. Port Jackson is a bay containing the waters that, limited by an imaginary line, linking North Head and South Head.

This cove links together the North Harbour, Middle Harbour and the Sydney Harbour. Located in a charming location, the big city stretches between the magnificent Blue Mountains to the west and the Pacific Ocean to the east. It is overlooking a beautiful bay, where he landed in 1770 Captain James Cook, who greatly enjoyed these places. Eighteen years later, by order of the British Empire, Captain Arthur Phillip established in this area a prison colony, creating the first permanent English settlement in Australia, around which formed the city, more and more populated with the arrival of new immigrants .

What to see in Sydney

The main places to see for tourism in Sydney ‘s Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

– Opera House, the Sydney Opera House, is a construction built between 1959 and 1973, very original architecture and significant symbol of the city of Sydney and even Australia. Its structure resembles a fleet of sailing boats pushed by the wind.

– Harbour Bridge, the bridge that crosses the bay of Sydney, was completed in 1932 and, prior to the construction of the House, was the symbol of the city.

Other attractions of note are Bondi Beach, a popular beach frequented by surf enthusiasts, Darling Harbour, a large pedestrian area in the western part of downtown, Chinatown, an area located south of the financial center, the Chinese gardens, the fireworks of New Year, King Street Wharf, the museum of science and technology of Oceanworld Manly, the magnificent Sydney Aquarium, located at Darling Harbour with many specimens of marine life from the ocean and the reef, the Great Barrier Reef which stretches off coast of Queensland where they have their natural hatitat thousands of fish, the Sydney Tower, lookout tower from where you can enjoy a splendid view of Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, which is home to many animal species from around the world including gorillas, chimpanzees, characteristic specimens of the Australian fauna, the ancient district of The Rocks, the Olympic Park.

A Sidney inhabited many famous painters and photographers including Lloyd Rees, a painter specializing in rural and pastoral images, Jeffrey Smart, famous portrait painter famous for the theme of urban alienation. Among the museums it is recommended to visit examples are the Australian Museum, dedicated to the natural history and anthropology, the Powerhouse Museum, dedicated to science and modern design, the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the Museum of Contemporary Art.