Taba (Egypt): holidays, what to visit, trips Red Sea

taba red sea egypt
taba red sea egypt

Where is Taba, brief history, holidays between bays and inlets in the scenario of the Red sea, Petra excursions, Jerusalem and Pharaoh’s Island.

Taba guide

Taba is located in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt on the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea, is 65 kilometers from Nuweiba and is the location further north along the east coast of the Sinai near the border with Israel.

The small village was fought between Israel and Egypt for a long time until, in 1988, an international commission assigned it permanently to Egypt. Taba is very popular as a holiday destination, thanks to the many bays and inlets, very characteristic, framed in one of the most impressive landscapes of the Red Sea.

With the opening recently of an international airport Taba has experienced a sharp increase in tourism, thanks to the opening of new hotels, has rapidly become a popular holiday destination in the Red Sea.

Things to do in Taba

The stay in Taba, between the desert and the sea with crystal clear water, provides the opportunity to make excursions to visit historic sites very interesting.

It’s a privileged destination to reach, with a day trip organized, the famous city of Petra in Jordan, taking the ferry to Aqaba and then proceed by bus to Petra. From Taba in a day you can also reach Jerusalem in the Holy Land returning in the evening, from Eilat and crossing the Arava Valley to the Dead Sea.

Pharaoh island, ancient Phoenician port, is one of the major attractions in Taba, Red Sea and surrounded by the fortress still intact, which dominates the landscape.

The coral reef that surrounds the island, every year attracts fans of snorkeling and scuba diving.