Taipei tourism trip to visit the capital of Taiwan

longshan temple taipei
longshan temple taipei

What to see in Taipei, journey to discover the local traditions, attractions and places to visit in a succession of old and new.

Travel Guide Taipei

Taipei, capital of Taiwan with a large number of inhabitants, is considered by tourists a city friendly and charming. This city enjoys a well-established reputation for culinary specialties that make it a paradise for gourmets. There are several modern hotel with indoor shops and trendy bars, sprung up in recent years insiemea to Taipei 101, one of the tallest buildings in the world exceeded only by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Taipei is in constant development, a city technology but environmentally friendly, with a rich history and a strong relationship with the Western world.

What to see in Taipei

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall
It’s an impressive tomb and shrine built in honor of the most famous leader of Taipei that includes the National Opera in its large park.

Longshan Temple
This Taoist temple is the most evocative of the city with dragons and incense, important symbols for the locals.

Night markets
Ideal places to shop and eat at night, this type of markets are scattered all over Taipei. Usually stay open until midnight, the greatest is to Shihlin while Huashi is the most famous, located a short walk from Lungshan Temple, where they sell everything from soup snake painted umbrellas.

Taipei 101
This building offers 101 levels of fun and consumption, with an idea of ​​the city and Taiwan viewed from above. Nothing is missing, there are bars, restaurants, spa, cinemas and shops. With the world’s fastest elevator you reach the top, best scenic vantage point.

National Palace Museum
Set in the green hills on the outskirts of Taipei, the National Palace Museum contains more than 650,000 priceless Chinese artifacts, the most largest collection in the world. The main exhibition, including the famous cabbage, follows a timeline very interesting and easily interpretatabile, passing through the dynasties of China to date.

Wisteria Tea House
The Wisteria Tea House is an authentic Chinese tea house. It’s also where Ang Lee shot the film to eat, drink, man, woman. The garden is one of the most historic places in Taipei.

Museum Beitou
The Museum Beitou was originally a hotel under the Japanese occupation, then an old house and then a museum. It features over 5,000 artefacts of traditional folk art including embroidery Aborigines. Remains one of the largest wooden houses dating from the Japanese occupation in Taiwan.

Pause Landis Resort
Taiwan ranks second, after Japan, to the number of hot mineral water springs. Among the forested mountains of the Pause Landis Resort are the sulfur water where you can swim while in Wulai, visitors can experience traditional Aboriginal dances and good food.

Maokong Gondola
It’s a cable car that allows passengers to board, choosing from a series of routes that depart from different stations to find out some interesting places including two temples and the zoo in Taipei