Tampere: what to see and do in the city of Finland

central square tampere finland
central square tampere finland

Guide for visiting Tampere, things to see and do on holiday in the city of Finland with ancient origins.

Guide Tampere

Tampere is located between the lakes Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi, a vertical drop of 18 meters separates the two lakes and creates the rapids of the Tammerkoski, the waterway that connects them and running through the city. Along its banks there are the historic red brick factories and smokestacks witnessing the Tampere, Finland’s first industrial city, thanks to Finlayson cotton mill, and the rapids of the Tammerkoski, valuable source of electricity.

Founded in 1779 by King Gustav III of Sweden, the first settlements in the area date back to 600 AD The Tampere rapids of Tammerkoski are located in the city center, and are clearly visible from the bridge Hämeensilta, characterized by four statues of sculptor Wäinö Aaltonen, representing the Merchant, the Taxman, the Maiden of Finland and the Huntsman.

What to visit in Tampere

The bridge is part of the street Hämeenkatu, the main street in Tampere, while the heart of the city is the central square overlooked by the Town Hall, the Theatre and the Old wooden church, Vanha Kirkko, which with its detached bell tower, is one symbol of the city. Among the religious buildings stand the neo-Gothic Church Aleksanterin Kirkko, named by Tsar Alexander II, the Finlayson Kirkko, the Church that was built for employees eponymous textile factory and their families, and especially the Cathedral of Tampere in the national romantic style was designed by architect Lars Sonck.

The church is known for the particularity of its frescoes and stained glass charm a bit macabre painter Hugo Simberg. The main exhibition space is the center of Tampere Vapriikki Museum, located in the old buildings of Tampella, hosts exhibitions on various topics, ranging from archeology to modern art, from crafts to the technique.

In the historic buildings of Finlayson there are various and interesting permanent exhibits and themes, and in the neighborhood Amuri, have been preserved as a museum a part of wooden houses inhabited in the nineteenth century by the workers of the factory. In summer there is the opportunity to enjoy beautiful excursions on the lakes of Tampere, or for a panoramic view above the level of the lakes, along the paths of a wooded area you reach the top of the Pyynikki Ridge, at 85 m. ca. altitude.