Tavolara: visit the island, how to get there, what to see

Boat trips to the island of Tavolara, what to see in marine protected Sardinia, known for the particular clarity of the sea.

Guided tours Tavolara

Tavolara, which is located in the north east of Sardinia in front of the town of Porto San Paolo, belongs to the town of Olbia in the province of Olbia-Tempio. The island Tavolara is a limestone massif that stands on a granite pedestal whose maximum height is 565 meters above sea level.

The eastern part of the island is home to a NATO military base closed to the public, run by the Italian Navy, used for telecommunications terrestrial long range and very low frequency wave. Tavolara Island is part of the Marine Protected Tavolara Punta Coda Cavallo, the rarity of the flora, the interesting fauna, water transparency and spectacular backdrops of the sea, very much appreciated by divers.

Tavolara had a ruling house, the Bertoleoni, and even today you can meet their descendants. Towards the end of 1700 Giuseppe Bertoleoni reached the uninhabited and charming island of Tavolara where he settled with his family devoted, among other things, to the breeding of wild goats, some of which belong to a race characterized by the golden color of the teeth.

In 1836 Carlo Alberto of Savoy went to Tavolara and Paul Bertoleoni householder went to the king as king of Tavolara. King Charles Albert, kindly hosted by the family Bertoleoni, between a hunting and fishing, at the time of the leave unofficially appointed and friendly Paul Bertoleoni king of Tavolara and even Queen Victoria wanted to document the history of this small kingdom with a photo which is located in Buckingham Palace.

The current king, descendant of the family Bertoleoni, is an Italian owner of one of the two restaurants on the island, Da Tonino king of Tavolara.

Being the main feature of the coast to have very steep rock faces and for this difficult to access, the only point of call for small boats which link service with Porto San Paolo, is located in the narrow peninsula Spalmatore of Earth, located on the western side of Tavolara facing Sardinia. In the same area there are two beaches, a few houses and two restaurants.