Tepoztlan tourism: a guide to explore the city in Morelos

Tepoztlan visit, what to see in the city of ancient origins, rich folk traditions and falling between the magical city of Mexico.

Guide Tepoztlan

City located in the state of Morelos in Mexico, about 70 km from the capital Mexico City, situated at an altitude of about 1700 meters above sea level in a valley at the foot of the Sierra del Tepozteco, is famous for the remains, on top of a cliff, a temple dedicated to the god Tepoztecatl, which in Aztec mythology was the god of pulque, a typical ancient alcoholic beverage obtained by fermenting the juice of agave salmiana, dell’ubriacatura and fertility.

In the main square to the quaint market, where among other things you can enjoy special cuisine, typical of the place. Behind the square stands the former convent dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, founded in the sixteenth century by the Dominicans, after the arrival of the Spaniards. The site became a museum and is included among the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tepoztlan has kept alive ancient customs and traditions, there are recurring festivals and cultural events, for this is part of the Magic City, which is a tourism promotion program established by the Mexican Ministry of Tourism, aimed at Mexican places that have managed to preserve its heritage natural, cultural and artistic.