Terme Rogaska: spa in the town in Slovenia

rogaska slatina spa slovenia
rogaska slatina spa slovenia

Journey with any spa stay Rogaska, a town known for its healing properties of its mineral waters, very popular for the treatment of various diseases.

Spa Rogaska

The town of Rogaska Slatina is located in the eastern part of Slovenia, near the border with Croatia. Located between the wooded hills, the resort is one of the oldest and popular spa in Slovenia. Its hot springs mineral carbonate-alkaline, rich in magnesium, are indicated for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, liver, kidney and obesity.

Since the sixteenth century were known the healing properties of the waters and from 1676 began the treatments for the first patients. In early 1800, in addition to the bottling and shipping of the mineral, even monarchs of Habsburg Empire fecere build a first plant care and a small temple near the sources.

In the years 1836-1848 with the construction of major buildings and a good number of hotels, the town became a meeting place of high society of that time. The frequency of the Baths, national and international, was only interrupted during the war.

Today Rogaska Slatina is one of the most important centers of the welfare of Central.

The SPA is separated from the city center, nestled in the woods, where the old and charming hotels nineteenth century, were complemented by the modern facilities equipped with every comfort.