Texas: the state visit of US cities to see

What to see in Texas, news and geographical route of the main cities to visit.

Texas Travel Guide

Texas is a state belonging to the United States of America, located in the south of this nation. Neighboring countries are Mexico, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

After the declaration of independence from Mexico in 1836, the Texas remained an independent state for a decade as the Republic of Texas to become a member of the United States of America in 1845.

The surface of the territory of Texas is very wide and it ranks second largest among all states in the US after Alaska.

What to see in Texas

Austin is the capital of Texas as well as being the county seat of Travis. In the central part of the state is part of the Austin fastest growing metropolis.

Houston, has a population much larger than Austin and is also one of the main economic areas of this state. Located in Harris County extends partly in the County of Fort Bend and Montgomery.

Dallas is the third largest city instead of Texas, located in the county, and plays a particularly important role in the US South Central being the main cultural and economic center of the metropolitan Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington commonly also called Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

A part of this thriving city encroaches on the counties of Collin, Denton, Kaufman, and Rockwall. A Dallas insedidate are hundreds of large companies and its airport is one of the largest in the world for commercial traffic.