Thailand: tourist information and travel guide

thailand map
thailand map

Useful information for traveling to Thailand, where it is, characteristics of the territory and climate, time zone, the best times to go, and how to get the necessary documents.

Thailand in brief

  • Capital: Bangkok
  • Surface area in sq km: 513 115
  • Population: 63,883,661
  • Religion: Buddhism prevalent, Muslim minority

Thailand is located in Southeast Asia, the Indochinese peninsula, bordered to the west and northwest with Burma, northeast and east by Laos, southeast with Cambodia, to the south with Malaysia. Overlooking the Andaman Sea to the west and the Gulf of Thailand to the east. The country is made up of an extended central plain, corresponding to the fertile valley of the river Menam Chao Phraya. Drylands Khorat plateau lie to the east, while to the north of Thailand is closed dall’altipiano Burmese Shan and the southern foothills of the western mountain system Laotian. Thailand flag The reliefs are continuing southward, forming a long chain on the border with Burma, thus outlining the western part of the plain of the Menam. Vast rainforests cover the highlands of the country.


The Menam Chao Phraya is the most important river of Thailand.
To the east of the country, the Mekong River marks for over 800 km. the border with Laos.


The climate of Thailand, which is subjected to the influence of the monsoon, it differs in three seasons covering the eastern, northern and central parts of the country and only two seasons covering the southern part.
To the north, east and center of the country
– From mid-October / early November to January, cool season (temperature 18 ° to 32 ° C, with less humidity)
– From February to April / May, warm weather (temperatures above 40 ° C, high humidity, no rain)
– From June to October, the rainy season (with different characteristics depending on the regions).
To the south you pass directly from the rainy season to the hot, because the rainy season lasts longer than in other regions.


The population of Thailand belongs to the Thai ethnic group.
A major ethnic minority is the Chinese. Other groups are formed by Malay-speaking Muslims living in the south, from the hill tribes in the north and from the Vietnamese and Cambodian refugees in the east. The majority of the population lives in rural areas.

Time zone

UTC/GMT +7 hours


The Thai language is the official language of Thailand.


Agriculture, despite being practiced with methods that are not very profitable for the farmers who work there, is the basis of the Thai economy. The main product is rice, which in addition to being widely exported, is the staple food for the population. Other agricultural products are: corn, sorghum, cassava, beans, sweet potatoes, onions, sugar cane and in coastal peninsular, tropical fruit. Among the industrial crops are important: Hevea, rubber, peanuts, sesame, soybean, cotton, jute, kenaf, coconut, tobacco and pepper. Also significant is the fishing, especially in the Gulf of Siam. Mineral resources are represented by the larger pond, but it is also apparent tungsten, iron, lead, and precious stones. To underline the wealth of forests and the important resource (exploitation is in the hands of foreign companies) of teak trees. Industrial development has been delayed due to lack of energy reserves and the lack of skilled labor, but it is still present in various sectors (processing of agricultural products, textiles, chemicals, cement and mechanical engineering). The tourism sector is very important for this country, which has yet to overcome considerable difficulties to reach a good economic development.

When you go to Thailand

The best months to visit a lot of places in Thailand ranging from November to February, (lower temperatures and less humidity). To visit the south of the country are given the months of March, April and May, to visit the north instead of the best time is between late November / early December or February. The worst months to visit are April Bangkok (too hot) and October (heavy rains). Thailand receives the largest number of tourists in the months of December and August.

Travel Documents

-Passport with a validity not less than 6 months
-Visa application form -filled out-
-One recent 4x6cm. photograph of the applicant
-Round-trip air ticket or e-ticket
-Proof of financial means (20,000 baht per person/40,000 baht per family)


Calling Code: 0066


Supply electricity is 220 V 50 Hz.


The baht is the official currency of Thailand.