Tomar What to see: the convent of Christ, Templars Portugal

What to see in Tomar, visit the Convent of the order of Christ, imposing building in a dominant position in the territory.

Visit Tomar

Town of Portugal, Tomar has developed around the walls of the castle above, erected by the religious congregation of the Templars, who made ​​their home in the twelfth century. At the time of the Arab invasions, which covered the area between the River Douro and Tagus, this fortress played a very important role of warning and defense.

The tower of the homage stands majestically along the wall boundary. The Convent of Christ, is definitely the building to which they are facing the greatest appreciation for its undeniable beauty also due to the very original design. With circular and built in the thirteenth century, guards inside excellent examples of Portugal.

Very nice window of the room where he met the Chapter, a splendid example of Manueline art. Also relevant are the Charola, a small temple in the Romanesque style reminiscent of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, and the Cloister Dos Felipes, where he was proclaimed king of Portugal Philip II of Castile who became Philip I of Portugal. Needless to say, the Convent of Christ in Tomar was declared World Heritage in 1983.