Tornado: meaning, how they form these vortices of wind

From the explanation of the atmospheric phenomenon of tornadoes to areas of the world where they occur most frequently including the United States of America.

Definition of tornado

The tornado vortex consist violent wind funnel shaped that occur in the majority of cases in conjunction with strong thunderstorms. Due to very high speed that the wind can reach during a tornado phenomena may occur highly destructive.

The Tornado with the most devastating effects develop only in certain geographical areas with particular climatic conditions such as in some parts of the United States of America characterized by atmospheric conditions very varied and intense phenomena of high altitude with great height difference between the relative humidity measurable to the ground and those at high altitude along the storms generated by thermal contrast between the very high air mass affected.

The Tornado Alley, in the Italian area of ​​the Tornado, is the most popular area of ​​the US in terms of Tornado and includes the states of Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota and Illinois.

In this area, between plains and mountains collide two types of currents that are very different one from the Arctic Circle passes through Canada and the warm moist that comes from the Gulf of Mexico.

Other countries in the world that have to live with this natural phenomenon are Australia, Japan and the United Kingdom. The largest number of Tornado develops mainly during the summer with the exception of the tropical areas where the phenomenon is also evident in the fall.