Trento: what to visit in the capital of Trentino

What to see in Trento, attractions and places to visit in the capital of Trentino, a city with interesting monuments, mountains and nearby market at Christmas.

Attractions Trento

In the 30-day period preceding the holiday season, normally from November 24 to December 24, is held every year the typical Christmas market in Trento. The lively exhibition of banquets in the typical wooden houses, is located in Piazza Fiera, a large square in the historic center, where once were housed animal markets and fairs.

The Christmas market in Trento welcomes every year many visitors who, immersed in the charming Christmas atmosphere, can taste delicious cuisine and appreciate the work of local, ideal for decorating the house and tree, as well as to make beautiful gifts.

Visit the traditional Christmas market can be an opportunity to know the city, with its beautiful monuments and museums, taking advantage of the nearby mountain where is the center of the bottom Viote, in the beautiful valley at the foot of the Three Peaks of Mount Bondone, for cross-country skiing or for invigorating walks and hikes with snowshoes.

Places to Visit Trento

-The Trento Cathedral is the beautiful cathedral dedicated to San Vigilio, which stands in the square, on the site where it was originally an ancient building dedicated to San Vigilio, the patron saint of the city. The construction of the Basilica, impression Lombard-Romanesque with Gothic influences, considered among the most important sacred monuments of the Alpine, was begun in 1212 and completed in 1321. The church was home to the famous Council of Trent (1545 -1563).

-The Buonconsiglio castle located on a rocky hill, slightly dominating the city, was the residence of the bishops of Trento for many centuries and is the largest and most important monument of the region Trentino Alto Adige. E ‘consists of buildings constructed in different eras including Castelvecchio, the oldest part dating from the thirteenth century and dominated by the imposing cylindrical tower, the Great Palace, widening century in the style of the Italian Renaissance, the council Albertiana, dating from the late seventeenth century in Baroque style.

In the Eagle Tower, situated at the southern end of the complex, is conserved the famous Cycle of the Months, a significant series of paintings of the late Middle Ages. Currently the complex is the main pole of a museum system consists of four castles of Trentino Castle Stenico, in Giudicarie, Castel Beseno, in the Adige valley between Trento and Rovereto, Castel Thun, in the valley.